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Chambres d'hôtes/tables d'hôtes

Chambres d'hôtes means "guest room", in English we say Bed & Breakfast.

Chambres fermette herbes

You can stay in the barn where we created our guestrooms. We offer our guests the possibility to discover the French way of life in a friendly and relaxed way, where personal attention and hospitality are one of the spearheads. You meet other guests, sometimes from other countries.

You can see that the authenticity of our 250 year old farmhouse has played a major role in the realization of these chambres d'hôtes. You stay in the cozy guest rooms with walls of wood and stone. By using these local nature materials we created a very warm atmosphere. Despite the age of the farmhouse there is plenty modern comfort; each guest room is fully equipped with a private bathroom and a comfortable double bed of 1.60 x 2.00m.

There is a common area where you can share your experiences with other guests, read or play games, or maybe you just want to sit to enjoy your wine.

Tables d’hôtesis a supplement of chambre d’hôtes: you can also have dinner.

You can click at the submenu Chambres d’hôtes: for more information of the rooms an at Tables d’hôtes: for more information of having dinner.